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A Measure
of Time & Taste

The Saltire Rare Malt collection has been carefully built over the past decades by two Scottish gentlemen from the Kingdom of Fife.

Over the years, our collection has grown and matured, with over 250 handpicked casks stored in bond. Each spirit is on a journey, just as we are, and each hour that passes shapes something rare and special in every cask.

Among our uniquely curated collection, there are certainly famous labels, rare gems and casks from 'lost distilleries', but above all else, the character of the spirit is what guides us.  

The details matter — from barley yields to regional rainfall levels; from cut points to cask types. These variables are what shape the tone, taste and character of a dram, making each individual whisky release very special indeed.

The Collection

Held close and aged to perfection, our Single Malt Scotch Whisky releases are never rushed or hurried - they're bottled when the right time arrives. We understand the importance of this moment, when the true character of the spirit is ready to be celebrated.

Featured Release

Cask Selection

Chosen for Character

Our story began some years ago, and it holds our great love for whisky at its heart. We have embraced Scotland's distilling heritage — nosing, tasting and collecting casks from some of its most celebrated distilleries. 

Now, the time has come to share these rare bottlings — a unique range of limited-run single malt whiskies, ready to be enjoyed for the very first time.

Proudly Independent Spirits

Bottled in Falkland, Fife