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Chosen for Character

Time & Taste Beyond Expectations


Saltire Rare Malt owns its entire stock and carefully manages each and every cask. This gives Saltire total control over the process — from acquiring casks, to maturation, re-racking and bottling, to finally making each release available.

Saltire Rare Malt delivers the king of spirits to discerning customers.

Among our uniquely curated collection, there are certainly famous labels, rare gems and casks from 'lost distilleries', but above all else, the character of the spirit is what guides us.

The details matter — from barley yields to regional rainfall levels; from cut points to cask types. These variables are what shape the tone, taste and character of a dram that, making each individual release very special indeed. 

When buying whisky, special attention is given to the pedigree and condition of the individual casks. If curators Hans & Becky disapprove of a sample, the cask will not be bottled. Saltire Rare Malt strives to keep its portfolio as broad as possible by purchasing from many different distilleries across Scotland, and the company aims to only release single cask bottlings at 48.8% or above.

The founders felt that 2024 would be a good year to launch the very first bottlings of Saltire Rare Malt, 530 years after the birth of Scotch Whisky, in the beautiful, historic ‘toon’ of Falkland.

The Collection

The Saltire Rare Malt signature series is a unique collection of some of Scotland's finest and most celebrated Single Cask Malt Whiskies. Each release is bottled only when the time is right, to showcase the best of each malts' character and celebrate their journey to this, their final resting place.